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  • Can you change the angle of the TekPin™?
    Yes, you can adjust the TekPin™ to work as a straight endpin as a standard feature, but it works its magic in its vertical position. You do not need to change the vertical angle which adapts to many playing styles. The beauty of the vertical angle is that it allows you to change the angle of the cello itself by raising or lowering the extension rod to accommodate your unique way to hold the cello. This makes the TekPin™ work for cellists of all heights and builds and adapts to your style.
  • How does the TekPin™ work?
    Please see our demonstration video. Just like a conventional endpin, simply loosen the thumb knob on the side of the TekPin™ several turns, extend the endpin shaft until it can go into it’s vertical position, then pull the shaft back towards the cello in the vertical position to lock it. Tighten the thumb knob and then loosen the screw on the the extension rod to make the rod the height you like for playing, tighten the adjuster knob. Reverse the above steps to store the TekPin™.
  • Are there optional materials available?
    Yes, there is an option of having a stainless steel endpin extension rod or titanium endpin extension rod. Stainless steel is standard, titanium which is lighter is also available at additional cost. The standard endpin shaft is in stainless steel, carbon fiber is also available as an option at additional cost.
  • Does the TekPin™ need to be professionally installed?
    Yes it must be installed professionally unless you are a violin maker or repairer with the proper skills and specialized tools. An established and reputable stringed instrument dealer can install the TekPin™ that is designed for ease of installation as easily as any standard endpin. The adapter cone that is included with every TekPin™ preserves the original cello endpin hole, and in many cases, reaming of the endpin hole of the cello is unnecessary.
  • Where can I buy the TekPin™?
    The TekPin™ is available from which includes free shipping. It also can be purchased at String World Instruments, LLC located in the greater Boston area,:
  • What is your return policy?
    If the TekPin™ is not for you, no problem! Simply notify us by email and send it back in good saleable condition in it's original packaging within 30 days from when you recieved it for a full refund. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. If the TekPin™ is returned with an adapter cone glued to the body of the TekPin™ body as for correct installation, buyer will receive a refund minus a restocking and refurbishing fee of $75. If a TekPin™ is found to not work or is defective, please contact us by email to arrange for it to be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. We are confident in our products and will do everything to help with any issue. Please contact us first through this website so we can help resolve any concerns you may have.
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