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The TekPin™ Story

Hi I’m Emmanuel Feldman, the inventor of the TekPin™ cello endpin.  As an active professional cellist performing in solo, chamber music, orchestral settings and working as an educator, I know about the long hours and dedication that we cellists put into our art.  


Years ago, I was preparing for a major recording project and those extra hours practicing really hurt my back. I tried taking time off, but the pain even when not playing was exhausting me. I went to chiropractors and in the end was told the only solution was surgery.  Fortunately I never got the surgery and more importantly discovered there was a better way to play the cello so that I would never injure myself again. 


Super motivated to find a solution that would allow my back to be totally free while playing, I looked for ways to lighten the weight of the cello on my upper body and to free up my back and that is how the TekPin™ was born. 


Trained in instrument making and restoration in my teens, I used those skills to create an endpin that would allow cellists to move freely 360 degrees in all directions while still giving incredible support.  I made the TekPin™ at a vertical angle that made the cello lighter on the body, making it easier to position the cello for effortless access to the high positions,  easier to put weight in the bow arm and more resistant to slipping than any other cello endpin.  


As a busy professional player, it had to be simple to use, completely reliable and have a beautiful design enhancing the beauty and resonance of the rare cellos that I play.  Having performed with it in dozens of concerts, it frees up my playing, gives me endurance during long demanding concerts and gives me such confidence that I won’t use any other endpin.   After years of research and improvements made in consultation with fellow professional cellists and teachers, the TekPin™ is now available for you to purchase! 

Emmanuel Feldman

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